Fish For Life


Here at Young’s we source fish from five continents and with it we create 300 million seafood dishes for sale in the UK every year. Our challenge, and our passion, is to constantly work to reduce our impact to help create a secure and sustainable future for our business, for seafood and for the planet.

Our Impact

At Young’s we’ve been supplying fish for more than 200 years so it’s not surprising that the initial focus of our Fish for Life programme was on protecting the source – fish and the sea.

But as well as this essential work, we’ve been working hard to improve in other areas: driving down CO2 as well as our use of water, fuel and refrigerants, to name a few examples.

In short, we’re reducing the environmental impact of every part of our process and, by working in partnership with our suppliers we’re helping them to reduce their impact too.

Responsible Sourcing

We believe that sustainable practice is the only way to safeguard the future of fish. We aim to understand every fish farm and fishery before we buy from it and we work pro-actively with fishermen and the industry to help improve long term sustainability. For over a decade we’ve applied ten principles for responsible sourcing, these are now recognised as the gold standard within our industry.

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