Fish For Life


We’re proud suppliers of fish to the UK market. The meals we create are made from ethically, sustainably sourced ingredients and contribute to a healthy diet.

Our business depends on consumers’ confidence in us and in the products we make, and that’s why we think it’s important to share the knowledge we’ve gained over our long history as a seafood company and to be open and transparent about everything we do.

That way everyone can understand the quality of our products, the benefits of eating them, and the efforts that we go to do the right thing in creating them.

Ethical Trade

At Young’s we work with suppliers across the globe from co-operatives in Vietnam, to salmon farms in Scotland, and wherever we do business in the world, we’re committed to doing it ethically. We build collaborative, long term relationships with our suppliers, working with them closely so that we know that their business practice is aligned to our values.

Food Integrity

Fish is amazing. It’s inherently healthy and, when it’s responsibly sourced and processed, it’s also one of the most sustainable sources of protein available.

We’re committed to educating consumers to the health benefits of fish and encouraging them to choose only responsibly sourced fish.

At Young’s, our close partnerships with all our suppliers, whether they’re fishing in Alaska or farming in Yorkshire, means we can be certain of the integrity of every ingredient in every one of our products at every stage of its production.

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