Our Scampi Story

This year, Young’s Seafood is celebrating something very special. It's 75 years since we helped invent Scampi, one of the most popular Seafood dishes in the country and a pub classic.

With over 200 years’ experience bringing fish to British homes, Young’s has a number of firsts in our history and Scampi is one we’re very proud of.

What Is Scampi?

As a nation, we love to eat Scampi, but loads of us have no idea what they are! To a chef, Scampi are langoustine tails, delicious and sweet, wrapped in crispy golden breadcrumbs.

Scampi is known in many guises, Dublin Bay Prawns, Prawns or Shrimp. The scientific definition is that Scampi are crustaceans and at Young’s we use ‘Nephrops norvegicus’ (that’s the fancy Latin name) in our Scampi.

The Young’s headquarters in Grimsby

The History Of Scampi

In 1946 the chef at the Ritz Hotel in London wanted to serve lobster, but in post-war Britain there was a shortage of luxuries like lobster. As the seafood supplier to the Ritz at the time, Young’s offered him Langoustine instead. The chef cut the langoustine into pieces and deep fried them… and Scampi was born!

The Young’s headquarters in Grimsby

The launch of frozen Scampi from Young’s followed in 1948 and we’ve been proudly serving it to the British public ever since. Made with succulent langoustines fished off the coast of UK waters, predominantly Scotland and Ireland, and wrapped in Young’s signature breadcrumb, families all over the country have enjoyed Young’s scampi for almost three generations. It’s no surprise we’re still the Nation’s Favourite Scampi today, making up 50% of all Scampi sales.

Young’s factory staff photo

1946 - Scampi was invented as a result of a post war lobster shortage


1947 - The first retail packs of Scampi were sold in the UK


1969 - Freezing capabilities were introduced at our site in Annan so our consumers could enjoy Scampi all year round


1990 - We became brand leaders with the launch of our Young’s Scottish Island Scampi

The Young’s headquarters in Grimsby

2016 – We promoted Scampi on TV for the first time, encouraging more consumers than ever before to try this classic British dish


Jan 2020 – Scampi goes back on TV, this time featuring in our Masters of Fish TV campaign which aired in January 2020, showcasing new ways to enjoy Scampi and inspiring the nation to eat more of this delicious dish!


June 2021 - Today we are the leading Scampi brand in the UK. With over 4.7m households enjoying Young’s Scampi in the past year. We are consistently voted Number One for taste & quality by customers!

Young’s factory staff photo

Something For Everyone

Since we first invented it 75 years ago, Young’s has continued to innovate and develop our recipes in line with peoples’ changing tastes. . Young’s now provides a range of Scampi products so that everyone can enjoy the great taste; from our Young’s Scampi, perfect for family mealtimes, through to our Gastropub inspired Wholetail Scampi, making it easy for anyone to recreate this classic pub dish at home.

The Young’s headquarters in Grimsby

Best Of British

Young’s Scampi is a truly British dish, all of our langoustine are caught off the British & Irish coast. Every single bag of our Scampi is made in the UK at our factories in Annan and Grimsby.

The factory in Annan was founded 75 years ago by Malcom and Stanley Young and now produces 32 tonnes of Scampi per week and employs over 150 staff. It has won many awards over the years including the Queen's Award and the Food Manufacturing Excellence Award. All of Young’s Scampi is then coated and bagged in Grimsby, the home of Young’s Seafood.

The Young’s headquarters in Grimsby

Inspiring A Nation Of Scampi Lovers

We’re on a mission to create a nation of Scampi lovers by inspiring people to enjoy Scampi more often at home. And it’s working! More and more people are trying Scampi these days with over 1,000,000 households buying Scampi for the first time last year!

The Young’s headquarters in Grimsby

While it’s difficult to beat a classic plate of Scampi & Chips, why stop there? Our social channels and our recipe section have loads of ways to enjoy Scampi at home and turn you into a Master of Scampi… whether it’s a light Scampi Caesar salad for al fresco dining, a sharing bowl of popcorn Scampi to enjoy with friends in front of the TV, or the ultimate SLT (Scampi Lettuce & Tomato burger) using our Best Ever Gastro Jumbo Wholetail Scampi. With so many options why not try something different next time you reach for the Scampi?

Young’s factory staff photo

Doing The Right Thing

All of our suppliers and partners have to meet the rigorous standards of our Fish for Life programme and our 10 Principles for Responsible procurement. We regularly audit our suppliers to ensure they continue to work to these standards. We’re also actively involved in Project UK a collaborative partnership working towards an environmentally sustainable future for UK fisheries – read more about it here: Project UK (projectukfisheries.co.uk)

We also know that packaging is the largest contributor to household plastic waste and that we as manufacturers need to take action to help reduce our impact. That’s why in January 2021 we moved 100% of our Scampi into recyclable packaging as part of our wider business commitment to make all of our packaging recyclable by 2025.

The Young’s headquarters in Grimsby

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