A survey has found that it’s the traditional favourites that win out when consumers plate up their Fish and Chips. Young’s Seafood, a leading provider of fish dishes including Chip Shop – the Nation’s favourite brand of battered fish – conducted a survey through an online competition to find out what makes up the Nation’s favourite combination of Fish Supper. Consumers created their favourite plate by choosing which species they prefer, their favourite accompaniments and what kind of sauce they like to add to the plate.  And the Nation’s preferred combination is an old favourite – traditional Cod with mushy peas and bread and butter on the side with Tartare Sauce.

While the British people are in broad agreement on fish species, with almost twice as many people preferring Cod (50%) to Haddock (27%), we are a nation divided when it comes to sauces. Tartare Sauce narrowly edged past Ketchup as the nation’s favourite with a lead of less than 1%. But in the South and North East of England, the West Midlands, Scotland and Wales it’s Ketchup that tops the list with narrow wins. Wales is also the area of the UK most partial to gravy on their Fish and Chips, with 1 in 10 preferring it; in Scotland this number is just 1 in 100.

Commenting on the news, Yvonne Adam, Marketing Director for Young’s Seafood Limited said: “Fish and Chips has such an important place in everyone’s hearts. This year we celebrate 30 years since we launched our Chip Shop brand and we’ve loved getting our consumers to join in the celebrations by telling us how they like their Fish Suppers. We’re delighted for David who has won the competition and will enjoy a wonderful seaside cottage holiday.”

Made with responsibly sourced fish, great tasting crisp bubbly batter, a blend rich in sunflower oil and just 2.2% saturated fat, Young’s Chip Shop can be oven baked at home and is just 243 calories per portion. Chip Shop makes a really wholesome and balanced meal, any day of the week – Fish and Chips doesn’t just have to be a Friday treat.

David Collins, from Stroud, the winner of the seaside holiday said: “I was so excited to win this fantastic prize. I love Fish and Chips and thanks to Young’s Seafood will enjoy a fantastic trip to the seaside this summer. I’ll be sure to have some Fish and Chips by the beach to celebrate!”

Young Seafood Limited conducted the online competition as part of the celebrations of its Chip Shop range, which turned 30 this year. Launched in 1985, Young’s Chip Shop range is the Nation’s favourite brand of battered fish, with a 35% market share (Nielsen data, 52 weeks to 31.01.15).