Young’s Seafood has launched The Young’s Kitchen with the aim of inspiring the nation with more ways to enjoy fish more often and by demonstrating just how easy it is to serve up at home.

Providing quick and easy recipes, ingredient swaps and hacks, The Young’s Kitchen will provide inspiration for fresh, healthy and great-tasting meal solutions, including how to create the perfect Chip Shop experience at home.

Supported by paid digital, influencer marketing and social media, it will also look to adapt to consumer feedback and platform user-generated content as families share their own recipes and ideas.

At launch, the content will focus on being a timely helping hand for families by providing additional inspiration as the weekly repertoire of regular favourite meals begins to reach its limit during the coronavirus pandemic.

While initially focused on family mealtimes, the content will develop to include recreating the chippy experience at home and how to master your own date night, as well as some expert content for more adventurous cooks.

The influencer campaign focusses on micro-influencers in the parenting and family space. These individuals will be creating simple recipes with five ingredients or less, using store cupboard and freezer staples and ingredient swaps.

The Young’s Kitchen supports the ‘Masters of Fish’ campaign which launched in January this year and showcases the UK’s largest seafood specialist’s 200 years of expertise in inspiring people to cook and enjoy fish more often.

Keely Wade, senior brand manager at Young’s Seafood, said: “The Young’s Kitchen was developed out of our passion for fish and giving consumers greater confidence to enjoy it more often at home.  Just like at home, our kitchen sits at the heart of our business and everything we do, drawing on our 200 year heritage and our culinary expertise and this now gives us the opportunity to share that in an accessible way.

“We felt this was especially helpful at this current time as everyone tries to find new or interesting ways to feed the family and might be looking for new recipe ideas that are going to be crowd pleasers and new ways of using traditional family favourites. We can’t wait to get people’s reaction to our ideas and suggestions and also hear from them as they share their own inspiration with others.”

Young’s Kitchen recipes ideas can be found at and will be posted through Facebook and Instagram.